MountainDell1We have (finally) found our winter sport: Skate Skiing! Colton, Bree, Ben, and I went to a free REI sponsored event at Mountain Dell golf course, where they offered snowshoeing, classic, and skate skiing lessons all for free! There were also samples of hot chocolate and energy drinks. I didn’t think it would go so well, especially since I fell twice in my regular shoes walking down to the sign-up tent (boots from Wal-mart offer NO traction!) We geared up and followed a lady down the little hill where she proceeded to instruct and critique us in skiing.MountainDell2 MountainDell3 MountainDell4

It was a lot easier than I had anticipated, and definitely the most fun sport we’ve tried all winter, though there was still no lack of falling. My ego was a little bruised when these kids probably younger than ten zoomed by me on their skates much more smoothly than I. After the lady taught us a little, we were free to roam the course. Bree and I tired out first, so we waited for Colton and Ben to finish. While waiting, we saw some INSANE people who were skate skiing while carrying children on their backs or pulling this sled thing with two children inside! I mean I thought skate skiing was fairly easy, but I still lost my balance and fell over plenty of times. I could barely get myself up the hills, and here were these Super-skaters pulling themselves and their kids! It was impressive, to say the least. After skiing, we shopped around the Park City outlets, which I had never been to before. Overall, it was a successful and fun day, and we’re all looking forward to skate skiing again!MountainDell5 MountainDell6

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