Taken from Colton’s back porch. Antelope Island


Photo courtesy of Tian Tian from my back porch


Colton took this as we were driving on I-80

This post won’t be anything exciting, but I just wanted to comment on the beautiful skies that the Salt Lake Valley has gotten the last few days. I always take time to notice the scenery around me. Too often we get caught up in our own selfish lives that make us sad and depressed. As I drive around I sometimes wonder what other drivers are noticing the rainbow over the mountain, or that pretty orange hue in the sunset, or even that hawk flying over the road with a great wingspan. If we take time to think about all the small things that life has to offer us instead of (while they still hold some level of importance) the next promotion, or the next degree in school, we’ll all be much more relaxed and happy!