Since we go to Bear Lake with Colton’s family every year, I won’t write a super long post, this will mostly be pictures. This year we rented a nice home from a family who had apparently traveled all over Southeast Asia. Their home was beautifully modern but decorated with all sorts of Asian relics. There was plenty of room for all of us: two levels, a record player (which we all loved playing with), and a hot tub! Not to mention the lovely view of the lake. Once again we tried our best on the sky ski, and compared to last year we were basically pros. I feel proud to say I was the best one on the sky ski (which really means something to me because for the past four years I’ve been the absolute worst skier of the group!) I still couldn’t control when I went up or down, but I got up and was able to stay up for more than one second!Bear Lake1 Bear Lake2 Bear Lake3 Bear Lake4 Bear Lake5 Bear Lake6 Bear Lake7 Bear Lake8 Bear Lake9 Bear Lake10 Bear Lake12 Bear Lake13It was a lovely and relaxing weekend with family. Well, the house part was relaxing. The skiing was sure tiring. On Saturday we spent nine hours on the lake, switching off between the beach and the boat. By the time dinner came we were all starving.Bear Lake11 Bear Lake14 Bear Lake15 Bear Lake16 Bear Lake17 Bear Lake18 Bear Lake19 Bear Lake20 Bear Lake21 Bear Lake24 Bear Lake25 Bear Lake26 Bear Lake27 Bear Lake28 Bear Lake29 Bear Lake30With all of us fully-grown adults, including Marcus who came along this year, we couldn’t all fit on the boat. Colton and I spent a couple hours collecting round rocks and building a voodoo fortress. Bear Lake32 Bear Lake34 Bear Lake37

Bear Lake31

My voodoo fortress. It took forever to stack the round rocks. The little leafy things are my people. We didn’t have a lot to do on the beach… haha.

Bear Lake35 Bear Lake38One of the evenings it rained and we were able to see a beautiful full rainbow, stretching across the sky trying to encompass the whole valley.Bear Lake39 Bear Lake40 Bear Lake22 Bear Lake23Bear lake is one of our favorite places to be. There’s sandy beaches, lots of space in the water for boats, and it’s one of the clearest, cleanest lakes I’ve ever seen that isn’t a freezing glacier-fed one. We love coming here each year.

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