I love state and county fairs. I love seeing all the homemade items and food stuffs. It signifies the coming of fall, another beautiful time of year. (Let’s face it, I just like every season.) I also loving petting zoos and seeing all the bunnies and chickens on display. Maybe someday I will participate in a fair. My younger brother and sister came along. Tian Tian was especially excited to see a horse that looked exactly like Spirit from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Davis County Fair1 Davis County Fair2We spent most of the time looking at the animals. We also watched part of the rodeo. The little kids barrel racing were SO small. One almost got bucked off the horse. I don’t have a video of the smallest kid galloping on the horse, but I have some others. It was insane how those kids could handle horses. I want to own horses someday. They’re such pretty animals, and I love horseback riding.Davis County Fair4 Davis County Fair3The petting zoo was a lot of fun. There were tons of baby animals walking around. There was even a baby camel. What farmer has a baby camel? I’m not sure.

Davis County Fair6

Davis County Fair9

The goat directly below the camel’s neck is actually standing on a tortoise. Apparently tortoises don’t care haha.

Davis County Fair7 Davis County Fair8 Davis County Fair10 Davis County Fair11 Davis County Fair12 Davis County Fair13We went and watched the elephant rides for a while. They weren’t very ethical elephant rides. I did some research after the fair, and it’s really bad for elephants to have the riding structures on their backs. It’s also bad for them to be carrying so many people. (There were like six riders.) It’s much healthier and more comfortable for people to ride the elephants bare-back, directly behind their heads, with no more than two people. I’m glad I didn’t know that during the fair, because I would have been really upset.

Davis County Fair14

It was a pleasant evening walking around the fair.Davis County Fair5

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