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Museums, Castle-Libraries, and Lobsters

The first thing on my list was to go walk the Harvard campus and visit the museums there. I felt like such an imposter walking through the campus. There were college students everywhere, so I really blended right in, sans a backpack. But it’s Harvard, you know, the place where all the studies and smart people and high IQ and stuff come from? I felt like everyone knew I wasn’t actually enrolled there.

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[April 2015]
So Boston had a ridiculous winter. People were telling me around 110 inches. Meanwhile in Utah, it only snowed three times, which is awful for our water supply. The entire city of Boston was on lock down and buried under snow. Apparently the last of the snow only melted a couple weeks before we got there. A lot of spring flowers were just starting to come up, even though it was basically May. All the trees were in bloom though, so it was very pretty!

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Owls and Other Birds

The first time we saw an owl in the wild, we went ballistic. It was late dusk- practically dark. It was a little barn owl perched on a gate. We were driving in the bird refuge and pulled as close to it as we could in our cars, took completely horrible pictures, and left feeling like our lives were complete.

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Rudy’s Flat

I’ve been fortunate in life to have four cousins my same age. Growing up, we got into all sorts of mischief and giggle fits and every time we saw one another we begged and begged our parents to let us have sleepovers. There was a large family camping trip every single summer. Those are among my favorite memories. My cousins and I have sung loudly near the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, ate delicious Huckleberry Ice Cream at Glacier National Park, piled rocks at Mesa Verde, and made fun of some random girl’s thong in front of Mount Rushmore.

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In Which I think It’d Be Fun to Be a Fashion Blogger

Sometimes I look at my outfits and I think, “This is a rainbow-flower-child outfit if I ever did see one. But the top is in style… And so are the bottoms… maybe not together… This will probably only be in for a few more years. Good thing I jumped on the bandwagon now… Definitely going to be one of those WTF outfits my kids or nieces and nephews see someday.”

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Beyond Bountiful Pond

We live in a desert, next to mountains that are amazingly grand. I love the endless, rolling expanse of sage with pale, periwinkle peaks in the distance. But I’ve also fallen in love with our marshy bird refuges.

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San Francisco Day 2- Alcatraz and Ai Wei Wei

The next day was the reason for our whole trip: A visit to Ai Wei Wei’s @Large exhibit at Alcatraz Island. For those who don’t know, Ai Wei Wei is a contemporary Chinese artist and activist. He has been a political activist for many years in regards to human rights and democracy for China. He was banned from leaving China in 2011 after he was arrested for tax evasion, among other alleged crimes, so this entire Alcatraz show was put together by other people he communicated with.

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San Francisco Art Trip- Day 1

Alright, after my hiatus of blogging, I will try this again. We’ve done so many fun things this year and I want to remember them all! First off, a trip to San Francisco this past February. California holds so many memories for me. Yes, there are the family trips that I loved, when we went to Disneyland and Seaworld, but it is also the state that I have traveled to most often without my family. Two high school Music Department trips, where we smoked everyone in competitions for choir, orchestra, and band; one Disneyland trip with my best friend and her brother’s family; a trip with Colton’s family for a week-long stay at the beach; and the most recent, a college trip with my Murals class. I’d already graduated this past December but the trip was set for the end of February, so it was nice to see all my classmates again in a non-school setting.

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An Icy Elephant Rock Hike

I’ve been a little MIA lately, but I blame it on Colton and I graduating and planning all our summer trips. And I’ve also flown to two sides of the U.S. and the other side of the world in the past three months, and the thought about organizing all those pictures and typing up posts can be rather daunting sometimes. 🙂

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