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San Francisco Day 2- Alcatraz and Ai Wei Wei

The next day was the reason for our whole trip: A visit to Ai Wei Wei’s @Large exhibit at Alcatraz Island. For those who don’t know, Ai Wei Wei is a contemporary Chinese artist and activist. He has been a political activist for many years in regards to human rights and democracy for China. He was banned from leaving China in 2011 after he was arrested for tax evasion, among other alleged crimes, so this entire Alcatraz show was put together by other people he communicated with.

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San Francisco Art Trip- Day 1

Alright, after my hiatus of blogging, I will try this again. We’ve done so many fun things this year and I want to remember them all! First off, a trip to San Francisco this past February. California holds so many memories for me. Yes, there are the family trips that I loved, when we went to Disneyland and Seaworld, but it is also the state that I have traveled to most often without my family. Two high school Music Department trips, where we smoked everyone in competitions for choir, orchestra, and band; one Disneyland trip with my best friend and her brother’s family; a trip with Colton’s family for a week-long stay at the beach; and the most recent, a college trip with my Murals class. I’d already graduated this past December but the trip was set for the end of February, so it was nice to see all my classmates again in a non-school setting.

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Bountiful Summerfest

Yet another one of Bountiful’s summer traditions is the Bountiful Summerfest. Dancers and performers from different countries are hosted by families around the area. The countries vary each year, but often include countries from both Europe and Asia.

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I’ve grown up knowing all the songs from Wicked, but I never looked up the story or read anything about it. I had my own version of what the story was about based on the song lyrics, and it was basically nothing like the actual play. I figured Glinda and Elphaba were friends, but I didn’t know that Elphaba was good the whole time. And I didn’t know there was a love story in it, which made it even better.

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Bountiful’s Quaint Mainstreet- the Chalk Festival

Every year around the middle of May, Bountiful City holds a chalk-art festival. There’s food, music, and lots of art! It is held on quaint little Main Street, where there are many locally-owned businesses, and each store-front is very picturesque. The artwork was beautiful, and it was fun to see how talented many of the children were who created the art.

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