Hello interwebs! We are Colton and Miara. We met our senior year of high school, dated for four years, and got married in May of 2013.  This blog is mostly a documentation of our life and adventures, but we hope it also offers tips to anyone who wishes to try something new. After coming up with twelve billion titles for a blog, we finally settled on Bookshelves and Garden Paths. We’ve accumulated far too many books from entering the black holes of used book stores and thrift shops, but couldn’t imagine our home without a library. We also both enjoy gardening and yard work, and hope to someday have a beautiful garden that spreads across acres. (Meanwhile I can’t even deal with the three-foot patch of weeds in my front yard… Baby steps, right?) We would also like to own some farm animals and live somewhere that’s peaceful and quite. In the meantime, we want to travel all over the world, try anything that sounds fun, and learn more about each other on the way.Home Library

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Colton is a fun-loving cooking enthusiast. He’s never made something that wasn’t delicious, and is always trying new recipes. He has jumped into every body of water we encounter, even glacier-fed lakes, and somehow convinces everyone else it’s a good idea to join him. He loves cats, though is deathly allergic, is a voracious reader, wants to build everything himself, and strives to someday live off the grid from the ‘fruits of the land’. He has a Bachalor’s Degree in Information Systems (after trying out five other degrees) from the University of Utah, and works in the SEO realm of the universe.


Miara loves coming up with ways to reuse things creatively. We haven’t yet bought wrapping paper because she keeps every sort of wrapping item she comes across. She plays the violin, Chinese zither, and piano (though only the piano well). She loves Utah’s deserts and mountains with a passion, and believes Utah is the most beautiful place on earth. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Teaching with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah. She works as a dental assistant, which has nothing to do with her degree, but she loves it and will stick with it for a while.

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