IMG_8937Many of you are familiar with the tune by Bob Marley “Three Little Birds,” with lyrics stating, “Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright!” Well this morning, I was early to the Front Runner station. There were four little birds sitting on the telephone pole, singing their little hearts out. I sat and wondered how many people were noticing the birds. For my part I just listened happily to their tunes, unperturbed by passing people, trains, and the cold. Once again I experienced one of those great moments that make me happy to be alive and I realized there was nothing to be worried about. School and work, they matter, but not enough to stress me out so bad that it’s the only thing I’m thinking about. Someone once told me that Americans live to work, and Europeans work to live. While this isn’t true in every case, I do agree in that many American families and individuals I know live to work, which is such a waste of a life. You need to work. But you also need to live, more. One great example that has recently caught my attention is a couple who is bike-touring the world in two years. Read their story here. It’s an incredible one, and to me they are the perfect example of people who have learned to live their lives and take full advantage of all they can learn. So, while you may not suddenly wish to tour the world on bikes, do take advantage to “smell the roses,” listen to birds’ singing, and just relax and enjoy the life you have, because “every little thing is gonna be alright!”