I turned 26 this past year, and nothing says getting older like a rainbow unicorn party and making everyone dress up with you. Since it’s also Colton’s birthday in October, I did a Unicorn and Dragons themed party, though Colton kept saying, “No, this is just a unicorn party. Give up on the dragons.”

Basically the only dragon decoration there was, but I hand made the stencils!

Little insert here about how I’VE ALWAYS LIKED RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND MERMAIDS AND HELLO KITTY since I was six and all of a sudden they’re super ‘hip’ and ‘cute’ and blah blah blah whatever. At least it made it easy to find decorations.

We went all out on decorations (I mean, as much as a Walmart trip can be considered ‘all out’).

Guys, I spent more on this birthday cake than I did on my wedding cake. Which wasn’t too hard, because I was adamant that my wedding cake tasted good and not be covered in gross fondant (which isn’t even gross, I was just insane during wedding planning), so I just bought a cheesecake and put butterflies on it. My wonderfully talented friend Carlie made us the best unicorn cake ever. Check out her Instagram page, Whisk French Bakery. I was so excited to see how it turned out, and she even made us adorable little salted caramel unicorn macarons! Colton made the rainbow cupcakes, and we went crazy and thought we were cooking for a hundred people so made three crock-pots of soup for 17 people.

We’re still getting hang of the whole party planning thing and wanting to cook all of the food ourselves. So we were decorating and cooking right up to when our first guest arrived, so I wasn’t able to do crazy pink and purple makeup, but luckily my unicorn onesie is a pretty all-in-one costume.

All of my food had themed tags to them, but I failed to get pictures of that. Like the spicy Cheetos were Dragon Turds, the pink potato chowder was Unicorn Puke, deviled eggs were Dragon Eggs, etc.

My absolute favorite drink growing up was Sherbet ice cream and Sprite. So we made a whole punch bowl full, and it does not look as good as it tastes!

Best drink ever, sherbet ice cream and Sprite!

We ate a small amount of the food we cooked, played Reverse Charades (the best group party game ever, a whole team acts out to one person rather than one person acting by themselves) and ate the most beautiful cake ever.

Colton said the party was so much work I can’t have another birthday party until I turn thirty. But we’ll see about that…