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Museums, Castle-Libraries, and Lobsters

The first thing on my list was to go walk the Harvard campus and visit the museums there. I felt like such an imposter walking through the campus. There were college students everywhere, so I really blended right in, sans a backpack. But it’s Harvard, you know, the place where all the studies and smart people and high IQ and stuff come from? I felt like everyone knew I wasn’t actually enrolled there.

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[April 2015]
So Boston had a ridiculous winter. People were telling me around 110 inches. Meanwhile in Utah, it only snowed three times, which is awful for our water supply. The entire city of Boston was on lock down and buried under snow. Apparently the last of the snow only melted a couple weeks before we got there. A lot of spring flowers were just starting to come up, even though it was basically May. All the trees were in bloom though, so it was very pretty!

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San Francisco Art Trip- Day 1

Alright, after my hiatus of blogging, I will try this again. We’ve done so many fun things this year and I want to remember them all! First off, a trip to San Francisco this past February. California holds so many memories for me. Yes, there are the family trips that I loved, when we went to Disneyland and Seaworld, but it is also the state that I have traveled to most often without my family. Two high school Music Department trips, where we smoked everyone in competitions for choir, orchestra, and band; one Disneyland trip with my best friend and her brother’s family; a trip with Colton’s family for a week-long stay at the beach; and the most recent, a college trip with my Murals class. I’d already graduated this past December but the trip was set for the end of February, so it was nice to see all my classmates again in a non-school setting.

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A Perfect Scottsdale Autumn

We were staying at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. Definitely one of the poshier places I’ve ever stayed. When we left Salt Lake that morning, it was snowing on the mountains. Arriving in Arizona and seeing flowers still in bloom and palm trees swaying was a little unexpected. The resort itself had a sprawling green golf course, and the air was scented with some unidentifiable plant I spent days trying to find. (I literally walked around the hotel and smelled every leaf I could and couldn’t figure it out.)

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Polka Dot Jello

Growing up for Thanksgiving, my mom has often made her famous rainbow jello for a Thanksgiving side dish. With seven layers, it can get a bit time-consuming (if every layer has to sit for at least 45 minutes before you add the next layer… you do the math.) This year, I decided to try something a little different with the layered jello. I wanted to do something fun, so I searched for ‘polka dot jello’ on Pinterest.
It didn’t exist.
I tried other forms of the phrase, but nothing came up. Then the thought came to me.

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Parowan Gap

Colton and I made a quick stop at the Parowan Gap. Petroglyphs line the 600-ft tall cliffs, some estimated to be at least a thousand years old. It’s such a bizarre natural feature. The landscape all around the Gap is virtually flat, and all of a sudden the rocks just jut out of the ground. Then beyond that it’s completely flat again. Look at the satellite view of the map below. There’s literally NOTHING around. Oh except the Little Salt Lake. Never heard of it? Me either. Colton’s dad, who grew up in Parowan, told us that you used to be able to find old arrow heads all around the area.

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Labor Day Picnic: Street Tacos

Labor Day came around and we made plans to have a picnic at Liberty Park with some friends, Caleb and Megan. Colton made street tacos. It was a simple recipe and super yummy! He found it here at Simple Recipes. Megan and Caleb provided corn on the cob and the meal was perfect! We passed the time catching up and watching slack-liners cross from tree to tree. If you want a recipe with few ingredients to deal with and plenty of flavor, this is a great one to try out!

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Happee 34th, Harry Potter!

I’m waiting for the day when someone will come up with an idea as brilliant as Harry Potter. I don’t think it will happen for quite some time. Half of my life has been spent waiting on Harry Potter books to be released at midnight and dressing up to go to midnight showings. And it has to be midnight, of course, so you will be the first to know what happens and no one will spoil it for you.

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